Baan Nokkamin Foundation

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Baan Nokkamin Foundation is a Christian organization that offers assistance to orphans, street children, underprivileged children, the elderly and drug addicts by developing and changing their lives and strengthening them emotionally so that they are ready to face the world in the future.

In our society we often see street children wandering around everywhere in the middle of chaos. Like little canary birds that used to live in unhappy families until the day came when they could no longer put up with it, they chose to fly away as their hearts told them to do so and nothing could hold them back.

"We truly believe that family is the foundation of all aspects of development”

Erwin Groebli was a Swiss missionary who came to Thailand and met a group of street children at Ramkhamhaeng in Bangkok, Thailand. He felt deep compassion for these children since they had no place to sleep, little food to eat and no one to take care of them or offer them any help.

These children felt the love that Erwin gave them so they invited more friends to come and meet him. A suitable place to accommodate these children was needed and so he started a foundation. In 1989 the Baan Nokkamin Foundation was established and was registered and authorized by Thailand’s Ministry of Interior.


The Baan Nokkamin Foundation has 4 branches that are spread in several regions of Thailand. These branches have fostered over 600 children up to today while also supporting other children to stay safely within their own families. Baan Nokkamin aspires to “take care of and develop the lives of the children until they are able to fly with their own wings.”

Foster Families

It takes a lot of time and love before this childen can find healing and become as cheerful as they are today. This love comes from “foster families” who are married couples that also work as foundation staff and have love for these children and are willing to become surrogate parents to them. Each foster family will nurture, teach and offer love, warmth and care to up to 10 children as if they were their own children.

A life changed by your kind support:

“I want to thank all of you for giving me an opportunity
to share my story. I am especially thankful for the love of Jesus Christ who made this life I have today possible. Thank you very much.”

My name is Niwat. When I was 12 years old my parents divorced and I was no longer able to live with either one of them. I was taken in by Baan Nokkamin where I received love and care from the family home I was placed with.

I graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Phayao University. At present I am a teacher in a school at Wiangchiangrung in the province of Chiang Rai.